Philosophy in leggings? I was thinking low key, casual philosophical musings for all shapes and sizes. Stretchy and comfortable, this is a series of thoughts, observations, contemplations on life. On the vibrant and beautiful, on the challenging and fascinating, on the fabric of existence and the eventual nothingness that it/we/I/you all are.


I have always loved thinking, learning and stretching my perception of the world. I remember reading Sophie’s World as a child and have been a part time philosopher ever since. At University I started majoring in Education and Philosophy, but as my first and second years went on I changed majors a few times until I ended up in the Religious Studies department (and also Majoring in Art History but I didn’t feel as at home in that department!).

I studied mostly Eastern traditions as well as the way in which Religion and Spirituality influences and colours our experience so profoundly, in so many ways, and how this is universal in the Human Condition. We are all, and always have been, looking for something more, something beyond ourselves. A way of connecting to our true nature and each other, a way of making sense of this world.Breathe out, let go

I continue to enjoy expanding, challenging and stretching my perception and experience of the world – I hope you are inspired to do the same.

We are only limited by ourselves – set your self free

Find out more about me on my website www.hermionearmitage.com


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