All is, and ever will be change

All is change Flower

I have the lucky circumstance of living and working at different points close to Regents canal here in London. The canal is a slow meandering strip of water that runs through the City, it is tree lined and very peaceful in many places, without (motorised!) traffic. It is probably the best way to commute in London by far.

2013-09-05 11.12.042013-09-05 12.06.59

Cycling along the canal everyday I get to observe closely the changes in seasons, watching ducklings and signets grow into scruffy feathered teenagers and then adult birds, watching flowers, berries and leaves bud, grow and then dry up and decay. The cycles and flow of life are so obvious and so present when we are close to nature.

Unfortunately in most of our modern lives we have no connection to the natural world and it’s ever changing cycles of birth and death. We have disconnected ourselves from the daily and constant flow of all living things coming into being, fulfilling their purpose and then passing away back in to where they came from. Nothing lost, nothings gained – all just constantly in a state of change.

2013-09-05 11.18.352013-09-05 11.53.36

If we fear change and try to control the natural flow of life we start to create a false sense of security that we are in charge. We are not, we can fight the flow or just jump in – as I have experienced in my life I know what is indeed easier. We can choose how we react and respond to change – but control, direct or stop it? Maybe not so much.

Try observing the change you see out in nature, any tree or plant can provide a wealth of material in the practice of observation. Then try observing, without judgement, the changes you feel within yourself. When we embrace change and flow with it with grace I believe we have nothing to fear as we have nothing to loose and then indeed nothing to strive for and gain.



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